Why music file sharing should be

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Why music file sharing should be

It should definitely be legal

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Story highlights Rick Falkvinge is the founder of the Swedish Piratpartiet, the first Pirate Party worldwide He argues that the development of mobile devices makes it impossible to stop file-sharing He argues this means almost everybody can access all of humanity's collective knowledge and culture For the past 20 years, the copyright industry has waged a war against teenagers sharing culture and knowledge with each other.

Why music file sharing should be

First, it was music "home taping will kill music"then games, then movies, then books. The copyright industry has tried to portray the teenagers and others who are thus sharing as if they were somehow being immoral. The problem with this depiction is that it resonates very poorly with the people doing the actual sharing -- to them, sharing a record or a game with a friend or a stranger is a good social act.

Rick Falkvinge Read related: How mobile tech affects the family Thus, we have a severe disconnect in how different parts of society regard the activity of sharing culture and knowledge on the sidelines of the established distribution chains -- or in violation of copyright, if you like.

As mobile devices develop, it becomes increasingly clear that this is a war that cannot be won. Today, our mobile devices can typically house some 16 to 64 gigs of data.

Hard drives that can hold 60 terabytes have been announced and are just around the corner. As this storage capacity becomes affordable and even expected for one person to carry around, each and every person can hold a complete copy of all music ever produced.Well, you're trying to open the file webkandii.com for reading and for writing using separate streams.

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I really think that sharing music should be legal

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We're getting this a lot lately. Windows Server Windows 7 & Vista Client PC's Microsoft Office When a user tries opening a file on our network drive (word doc, excel spreadsheet, et. While music downloads are on the rise, overall music sales are also up.

Moreover, distribution of MP3 files creates new markets in smaller countries where customers have less access to music in stores.

Why music file sharing should be

File-sharing Should Be Allowed. Yes because.

Opinion: Why file-sharing cannot and should not be stopped - CNN