Vision and mission of aircel company

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Vision and mission of aircel company

Public Domain Sony Corporation is a highly diversified business, with products spanning electronics, gaming, financial services, and entertainment. The vision statement sets the end-goal of the business.

Vision and mission of aircel company

The corporate mission specifies the ways through which the business can fulfill its corporate vision. With its vision statement and mission statement aligned with each other, Sony Corporation develops profitable financial services, electronics, entertainment and gaming products.

The second component of the vision statement indicates what the company must do to deliver kando. Such uniqueness is based on the nature and characteristics of organizational resources. Sony capitalizes on its expertise, human resources and successful business processes to support this uniqueness component in its vision statement.

Provides customers with kando Inspires and fulfills their curiosity In its mission statement, Sony Corporation focuses on the concept of kando. Such focus aligns the corporate mission to the vision statement. To effectively apply the concept, the mission statement requires that Sony must develop products that evoke emotion that moves customers.

Vision and mission of aircel company

For example, the PlayStation attracts and retains customers through an emotional bond based on gaming experience. For instance, the corporate vision specifies how to deliver kando, but does not provide information on a desired future condition of the business.

Thus, a recommendation for Sony to improve its corporate vision statement is to add information on a future business state achievable by delivering kando, such as leadership in the electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services markets.

However, the corporate mission does not contain enough information to guide strategic decision-making. An ideal mission statement must include sufficiently specific details on what the company must do in order to achieve the corporate vision. In the case of Sony, the mission statement is not specific enough to guide strategy formulation.

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