The sugar revolution

Caribbean Islands Table of Contents The sugar revolutions were both cause and consequence of the demographic revolution. Sugar production required a greater labor supply than was available through the importation of European servants and irregularly supplied African slaves. At first the Dutch supplied the slaves, as well as the credit, capital, technological expertise, and marketing arrangements. After the restoration of the English monarch following the Commonwealththe King and other members of the royal family invested in the Company of Royal Adventurers, chartered into pursue of the lucrative African slave trade.

The sugar revolution

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Sugar Revolution | Barbadian history |

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The sugar revolution

The first sugar revolution happened as Europe was introduced to Sugar cane by East Asia. It was described as a "heavenly gift". Therefore there was a major switch in the production of sugar cane.

Europeans started to conquer warmer islands, such as the Canary Islands, to be able to produce sugar cane for themselves. Another key factor is that sugar cane agriculture was intense. No worker or servant did that much work and consequently refused to do so. This was the beginning and introduction to the booming of slavery.

Instead of Brazil, the Caribbeans became the new major sugar cane and slave center. Monoculture,A Statified Society ans Absenteeism. What were the causes of the 17 century sugar revolution in the west indies? With the competition and a glut in the tobacco market causing price to drop, plantations could not compete.

So planters were in search for a new crop and tried many crops such as cotton, indigo and coco, before arriving at sugar.

Sugar was perfect as there was a ready demand for sugar as a sweetener in Britain. Also remembering that it was the dutch who introduced sugar to Barbados, something that they the dutch were already growing in their colonize in Brazil.

So the Dutch shared their knowledge of sugar cultivation with them. Also since it was the dutch who introduced it, you have to remember that the dutch loved to trade and they took advantage of this in that they were the ones who supplied the the islands with what they needed to grow sugar, such as labor, well at least in the early stages.

How did the sugar revolution affected the Caribbean? The sugar revolution has affected the Caribbean drastically as a result of the sugar revolution, there was a labour problem which was caused by the change from Tobacco to Suga…r. The manufacturing and Sugar cultivation needed some workers to do manual labour.

There were people who tried to get workers like the Spaniards who tried to get the Arawaks to work as slaves or through the Encomienda system The Sugar Revolution was basically the transition from tobacco to sugar mainly because tobacco was no longer popular and sugar was gaining both popularity and money.The Effects that the Sugar Revolution had on the 18th century Caribbean Society The Sugar became population in the West Indies.

The English, French colonies who settled Caribbean island such as in the early 16th grew tobacco in order to make money. The Sugar Revolution Essay Sample. Revolution means a complete change in a system.

There was an economic revolution that occurred in the 17th Century. Some refer to it as the Sugar Revolution. During this period, several basic changes took place. THE SUGAR REVOLUTION SUGAR By the 16th Century sugar was fast becoming a necessity in Europe. Sugar was needed for a variety of different things from distilling and brewing to the making of cakes and biscuits/5(30).

The Sugar Revolution, as it is called, had momentous social, economic, and political consequences. The elite in Barbados chose a form of sugar production that yielded the greatest level of . The Sugar Revolution, as it is called, had momentous social, economic, and political consequences.

The elite in Barbados chose a form of sugar production . Sep 24,  · Sugar revolution is a new opening or new beginning for the sugar was made known that tobacco was the main export product in Europe but the Europeans sought it .

Sugar Revolution | Barbadian history |