The problem of online racism

We have racism but no racists — a noun without a subject, a consequence that nobody caused, a system that nobody operates creating victims without perpetrators. On the web people have the added cover of anonymity, creating an environment where individual writers and entire groups of people are abused because of their race or religion but few have the courage to stand openly behind their statements. But what is truly frustrating is the rarity with which those who peddle this intolerance will take responsibility for their own actions and the climate it engenders. When called on their bigotry, usually by other commenters, people usually either escalate their attacks or bristle at the accusation and insist upon their free speech.

The problem of online racism

It drew ridicule from many for its numerous racist scenes. As a matter of fact, in Maya Chinese detergent ad, due to racist elements, caused controversy among online users at home and abroad.

In the ad, a black male painter cozies up to an Asian woman. The Asian woman stuffs a detergent tablet into his mouth and stuffs him into a washing machine. This commercial was seen far and wide. More than a few Chinese and foreign internet users were outraged, and used every form of mockery to ridicule and point out the brimming racism.

There were also internet users who discovered that this commercial totally copied an Italian color fixing detergent ad. In this Italian ad, a scrawny white male cozies up to a white woman. The white woman stuffs a detergent tablet into his mouth and stuffs him inside a washing machine.

The difference between these ads: On this level, the Italian detergent ad is deconstructive. I think the Chinese creator of that ad, in the midst of copying that Italian commercial, must have felt it very unusual: Why flip black and white upside-down?

In China, insofar as a young man has sex appeal, in mainstream consumer culture it has already by degrees changed into that of a fair-skinned South Korean icon, whereas in Italy, bold and skinny men wearing long socks are perhaps wretched, with no one to make out with him.

China has no problem with racism, and that's a problem - SupChina

Muscular men are viewed as the good-at-sex type, and black men have long been rumored in various tales to be good at sex. In addition, the two commercials reflect the same reality: Those who are in power have the ability to set the terms, and in their eyes, the group they belong to is the standard, whereas other groups belong to an inferior second class.

Where were you hypocritical white lotuses when Chinese people in foreign countries were being bullied? There are many Virgin Mary bitches among foreigners, they think drug addicts and alcoholics can be forgiven.

Even serial killers have worshippers. If there are people on the planet whose skin color is blue or purple, they will use these people. On the one hand, they object to their own being discriminated against by white people. On the other hand, they discriminate against other nationalities, such as Africans and Indians.

When they see Chinese people in foreign countries being struck on the subway, or the Oscars discriminate against Asians, they become outraged and even go so far as to hop the Great Firewall to curse on Facebook. This is a bunch of B. But they are unaware of how many people of various races, even in this modern age, are willing to fight for racial equality.

Some have been fired, some have been arrested, some have even sacrificed their lives. As the economy continues to grow, a small portion of people have grown rich in accordance with the opening-up policy, and a bigger portion are waiting on their road to riches.

They turn to discrimination to deal with yet-to-become-rich black people. For small capitalists, businessmen from Africa are attacking their livelihoods.

Many African businessmen are in international trade, doing bulk trading of clothing, electronic devices, daily necessities, and auto accessories. They compete with the international trade industry in China.

How can this unreleasable pressure but make people anxious? Furthermore, when Chinese capital enters African countries, the nasty set of things with which Chinese enterprises use to exploit workers are used on African people, and is met with protest from African workers.

At the start ofof the 1, Chinese-funded clothing companies in South Africa, of them were paying below minimum wage and failed to meet the payment standards stipulated by law, leading to censure from the South Africa Textile Federation, with several Chinese clothing factories in Newcastle receiving huge fines.

The notorious practices of Chinese capital in Africa and South America has naturally triggered backlash, with hateful reprisals repeatedly being enacted. But Chinese media are more interested in news about Chinese businessmen being attacked in Africa. As long as there are external enemies, internal conflicts can all be temporarily set aside as people pull together to fight against the bad guys.

The problem of online racism

Public opinion tacitly accepts the discrimination and alienation of black people as rightful and just, and permits and wantonly propagates the opinion of racial superiority.

The Chinese detergent ad, whether intentionally or not, caters to this thinking of racial superiority. Translation by Jiayun Feng and Anthony Tao.I n a world where few would deny the existence of racism but even fewer would ever admit to propagating it, there will always be the problem of agency.

We have racism but no racists – a noun. But how can that be when the nature of racism online is so different than that of our day-to-day lives?

The Internet is overflowing with overt, savage. - Racism An underlying problem is promoting racism. It is the fact that a lot of people believe, and try to make they believe, that racism no longer exists. Why is racism a problem? (Word) 1 Foundation for Young Australians, The Impact of Racism Upon the Health and Wellbeing of Young Australians: At a Glance.

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