Personal vaues at work

Our founders, Buck Blessing and Tod White, were often shown the door by training directors and HR leaders who found their ideas too radical. Since then, scores of studies have been conducted on employee engagement and leadership. Organizations face a potential shortage of talent.

Personal vaues at work

By Penny LorettoInternships Expert 1. Strong Work Ethic Employers value employees who understand and possess a willingness to work hard.

In addition to working hard it is also important to work smart. Dependability and Responsibility Employers value employees who come to work on time, are there when they are supposed to be, and are responsible for their actions and behavior.

This also means keeping your supervisor informed on where you are on all projects you have been assigned. Being dependable and responsible as an employee shows your employer that you value your job and that you are responsible in keeping up with projects and keeping them informed of the things that they should know about.

Possessing a Positive Attitude. Employers seek employees who take the initiative and have the motivation to get the job done in a reasonable period of time.

It is the enthusiastic employee who Personal vaues at work an environment of good will and who provides a postive role model for others. A positive attitude is something that is most valued by supervisors and co-workers and that also makes the job more pleasant and fun to go to each day.

Being open to change and improvements provides an opportunity to complete work assignments in a more efficient manner while offering additional benefits to the corporation, the customer, and even the employee.

Adaptability also means adapting to the personality and work habits of co-workers and supervisors. Each person possesses their own set or strengths and adapting personal behaviors to accommodate others is part of what it takes to work effectively as a team.

By viewing change as an opportunity to complete work assignments in a more efficient manner, adapting to change can be a positive experience. New strategies, ideas, priorities, and work habits can foster a belief among workers that management and staff are both committed to making the workplace a better place to work.

Honesty and Integrity Employers value employees who maintain a sense of honesty and integrity above all else. Good relationships are built on trust. When working for an employer they want to know that they can trust what you say and what you do. It is the responsibility of each person to use their own individual sense of moral and ethical behavior when working with and serving others within the scope of their job.

Self — Motivated Employers look for employees who require little supervision and direction to get the work done in a timely and professional manner. Supervisors who hire self-motivated employees do themselves an immense favor.

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For self-motivated employees require very little direction from their supervisors. Employers can do their part by offering a safe, supportive, work environment that offers employees an opportunity to learn and grow. Working in a supportive work environment and taking the initiative to be self-directive will provide employees with a better sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.

It has been noted that one of the top reasons employees leave their employers is the lack of opportunity for career development within the organization. Keeping up with current changes in the field is vital for success and increased job security.

Strong Self — Confidence Self-confidence has been recognized as the key ingredient between someone who is successful and someone who is not. A self — confident person is someone who inspires others. A self-confident person is not afraid to ask questions on topics where they feel they need more knowledge.

Self- confident people can also admit their mistakes. They recognize their strengths as well as their weaknesses and are willing to work on the latter.

Personal vaues at work

Self-confident people have faith in themselves and their abilities which is manifested in their positive attitude and outlook on life. Professionalism Employers value employees who exhibit professional behavior at all times.

Professionals look, speak, and dress accordingly to maintain an image of someone who takes pride in their behavior and appearance. Professionals complete projects as soon as possible and avoid letting uncompleted projects pile up. Professionals complete high quality work and are detail oriented.

Professional behavior includes all of the behavior above in addition to providing a positive role model for others. Professionals are enthusiastic about their work and optimistic about the organization and its future.If you are asking yourself what your personal values are but find yourself fumbling for an answer, don’t fret.

Follow this simple, but in-depth, guide to help you define your personal values .

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Step 4: Determine your top values, based on your experiences of happiness, pride, and fulfillment. Why is each experience truly important and memorable? Use the following list of common personal values to help you get started – and aim for about 10 top values. (As you work through, you may find that some of these naturally combine.

Extrinsic values. These are the tangible rewards or conditions you find at work, including the office setting, vacation policy, and earnings potential.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being most important, rank how important these extrinsic values are to you: Traveling for work.

A List of Over Personal Values However, it is useful to scan a core values list to prime yourself before the exercises. And it’s beneficial to review a list of core values after you brainstorm your list to determine if you missed something important.

The Top 10 Work Values Employers Look For. Posted April 24th, By Downsizing in today’s job market is quite common so it’s important to recognize the personal values and attributes employers want to improve your Working in a supportive work environment and taking the initiative to be self-directive will provide employees with a.

Your work values are the job-related beliefs and ideas that you value. Learn what your work values are in order to have a satisfying career.

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