Meg1st year

First Year Cookbook I am possibly the most nostalgic person on the planet.

Meg1st year

If u r googling just try not to read too many stories and stick to the facts. Hope all goes well!! I thought nobody else has this condition as it is so rare.

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My doctor said she only saw two Meg1st year in her year practice. Can't wait for the next US to see little guy and check how is all going.

But I actually just delivered a few days ago on Thanksgiving. My water broke and i started cramping so we couldn't wait.

Meg1st year

The twins were born at 30 weeks 6 days and are doing great! The fact that they caught it is huge and you should be just fine- congrats on catching it! I was hospitalized at 30 weeks and had my c section at 36 weeks- baby was fine, no nicu or anything.

I wasn't on bed rest, just had to take it very easy. I could go for slow walks around the hospital and get outside for some sunshine which helped a lot.

The hospital stay can be tough, but just go in with a good attitude and lots of books, crafts and puzzles to keep busy. And taking a shower every day, getting dressed, doing a little hair and mascara does wonders for your mental state.

Once it's over it's so worth it and that stay will be a tiny little blip in your memory. Stay involved in the research and decision making- it can be scary and difficult at times, but it's all worth it. That is great news, Momma; Enjoy your time with little ones!

I'm greatfull to have very supportive husband. There are only two of us leaving in Australia, both of our families live in different countries.

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2nd year Witch. Status: Offline. Age: Posts: 2, So, I went through the entire forum and no threads for it. Shame, shame.

Meg1st year

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