Loewen sci case

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Loewen sci case

The Bankruptcy of The Loewen sci case Group: The information that follows describes the filing and provides some background on the company. LWN announced today that, in order to ensure time to implement a new strategic plan while concurrently reducing its debt structure to compete more effectively in the marketplace, the Board of Directors has authorized the Company to file a voluntary petition to reorganize under Chapter 11 of the U.

Lacey said, "The filings will enable the Company to move forward with the implementation of its strategic plan while it restructures its burdensome debt load. During the past three years, the Company has experienced increasingly intensive working capital needs primarily as a result of its aggressive pursuit of cemetery acquisitions versus its historical emphasis on funeral home operations.

We must focus our energy on correcting our balance sheet and implementing a solid business plan. Lacey said that the plan or "vision" is to return to the original focus of The Loewen Group as a funeral service company with strategically located ancillary cemetery operations.

In addition to providing services at the time of need, the Company also makes funeral, cemetery and cremation arrangements on a pre-need basis. Today, the Company operates 1, funeral homes and cemeteries throughout North America.

Duringthe Company expanded into the United Kingdom and now operates 32 funeral homes there. As of March 31,the Company also operated three insurance subsidiaries that principally sell a variety of life insurance products to fund funeral services purchased through a pre-need arrangement.

The Loewen Group, Inc. Loewen pursued an aggressive growth strategy based primarily upon acquisitions. Sincethe Company has grown by locations to 1, at December 31,including additional cemeteries.

Beginning in the second half ofas part of its strategy to improve its results, liquidity and financial condition the Company virtually eliminated its acquisition program in order to concentrate on improving existing operations.

This strategy focuses upon emphasizing cash flow from operations and, in particular, cash flow from cemetery operations.

Loewen sci case

Significant management changes occurred beginning in the fourth quarter of On October 8,Robert L. Loewen who resigned on the same date. On December 17,the Company named three new outside directors, Thomas M.

Lacey and William R. Lundgren and Raymond L. Through actions taken on March 30, and April 12,the Board of Directors was reduced from 14 to seven members. The Company has two smaller groups of properties which are considered probable for sale.

Loewen sci case

The Company maintains a regional management structure for both funeral home and cemetery businesses that is organized in several geographic regions in the United States, Canada and Europe. Management believes that this recently implemented organizational structure will enable the Company to better manage local profit centers.

As a percentage of all funeral services in the United States, cremations have been increasing by approximately 1. Amounts paid for funeral services are recorded as revenue at the time the service is performed. Payments made for pre-need funeral contracts are either placed in trust by the Company or are used on behalf of the purchaser of the pre-need contract to pay premiums on life insurance polices under which the Company is designated as the beneficiary.


At the date of performing a pre-arranged funeral service, the Company records as funeral revenue the amount originally trusted or the insurance contract amount, together with related accrued earnings retained in trust and increased insurance benefits. The pre-need sale of interment rights and related products and services is recorded as revenue when customer contracts are signed.

A portion of the proceeds received by the Company from pre-need merchandise and service sales is generally set aside in trust funds to provide for the future delivery of the cemetery products and services.

The income from these funds is used to offset the maintenance costs of operating the cemeteries.

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