Jennifer ouellette science writers

MATH Inwhen Life magazine asked if Jackson Pollock was "the greatest living painter in the United States," the resulting outcry voiced nearly half a century of popular frustration with abstract art.

Jennifer ouellette science writers

Hobbies and other interests: Holds a black belt in jujitsu. Home— Los AngelesCA.


Writer, television scriptwriter, and editor. Science writing award, Acoustical Society of America, for article on concert hall acoustics. Black Bodies and Quantum Cats: Contributor to periodicals, including Discover, Salon. Also author of blog, "Cocktail Party Physics Web log.

Jennifer Ouellette is a writer and editor who specializes in science. A biographer on Ouellette's Home Page described her as a "recovering English major who stumbled into science writing quite by accident as a struggling freelance writer in New York City. Tales from the Annals of Physics, is aimed at a mainstream audience unfamiliar with complex scientific issues; here, the author seeks to explain physical principles through pop culture references.

To do so, she uses examples drawn from a wide range of interests, including the popular novel The Da Vinci Code and the movie Dr.

In one chapter, Ouellette relates Albert Einstein 's theory of relativity to the film Back to the Future. Black Bodies and Quantum Cats earned positive reviews from critics and readers alike.

For some, the author's use of pop culture references and unusual pairings made for an enjoyable read.

jennifer ouellette science writers

The book "makes physics and its history entertaining," wrote one Science News contributor. Others found that Ouellette's approachable writing style made it easy for general readers to understand the detailed scientific theories contained in the book.

The author's prose "encourages generalists to give physics a try," observed Gilbert Taylor in Booklist. Ouellette again combines her interest in science with popular culture in The Physics of the Buffyverse.

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In the book, Ouellette considers some basic questions of physics and hard science in relation to concepts from the popular fantasy television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff, Angel. With the characters, internal mythology, events, and plots of Buffy and Angel serving as her springboard, Ouellette addresses topics such as robotics, electromagnetism, conservation of mass, time loops, teleportation, quantum physics, string theory, multiple dimensions, and much more.

She also muses on non-physics topics such as physiology, biology, natural selectionneurotoxicology, and telekinesis. Library Journal contributor Barbarly Korper McConnell commented that Ouellette's "science writing is strong, and her discussions of history and folklore interesting.

Tales from the Annals of Physics, p. Jennifer Ouellette Home Page, http: Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.Sean Michael Carroll (born October 5, ) is a cosmologist and physics professor specializing in dark energy and general is a research professor in the Department of Physics at the California Institute of Technology.

He has been a contributor to the physics blog Cosmic Variance, and has published in scientific journals such as Nature as well as other publications, including The.

jennifer ouellette science writers

About Jennifer Ouellette I'm an English major turned science writer, through serendipitous accident. It's been a wild ride since I first dipped a toe into physics, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jennifer Ouellette (Cocktail Party Physics, Discovery News, The Calculus Diaries) Jennifer on prime-time science; The NAS Science and Entertainment Exchange; Cosmic Variance sells out to the man, Part I an astronomy workshop for SF writers; Science Saturday | Nov 15, | Jennifer Ouellette & Chad Orzel Culturally Determined .

John Baez, In a sense, the use of “theoretical physicists” in these articles is on track because in the layperson’s eye, theoretical physics IS associated with “The Quest for the Theory of Everything”.

Serving up science and culture with a splash of wit. "S cience blogging has emerged as an essential activity for science writers," says guest editor (and blogger) Jennifer Ouellette in the introduction to this annual edition of the best science.

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