Igcse english language directed writing and composition

It is a blessing to have the opportunity to teach in a community that fosters the intellectual, spiritual and ethical growth of its students. One of the most beautiful aspects of literature is its potential to bring empathy and understanding into our lives. As an English teacher, I value the opportunities to use literature to inspire students to explore how they can use their gifts to lead lives of faith, service and integrity. To contribute to the ethical and spiritual development of young people is an important responsibility and a true blessing.

Igcse english language directed writing and composition

VAF 1 4 Be introduced to the fundamental elements and principles of two-dimensional design, including typography, colour theory, and spatial organization.

VAF 1 4 Be introduced to making and thinking in 3D and gain experience working with a diverse range of materials, techniques and processes.

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VAF 1 2 This module focuses on cultivating and exploring a plethora of approaches to generate ideas, with the aim of creating more original and integrated options. VAF 1 2 This module is designed to provide students with a sound working knowledge of the key historical concepts that inform the discussion of art and design in contemporary culture.

VAF 1 2 This is a basic core module that establishes a foundation that we want to imbue our students with — living a productive life and being a perceptive, reflective and intellectually self-conscious citizen in this diverse and rapidly changing world.

It will introduce to the students the basic skills and knowledge that they need to have as a responsible artist or designer. VAF 2 2 This module will further strengthen the foundation that is needed for our students to become responsible artists and designers.

It will cover areas that will prepare them professionally, and equip them with knowledge of their rights and its application in this new digital world.

DDM 2 12 This module introduces the fundamentals of illustration in motion. It provides essential techniques and skills in drawing, exploring themes, concepts, process and materials.

igcse english language directed writing and composition

It embeds critical and contextual thinking as well as allows you to develop a visual language through moving illustration which will prepare students for further challenges in the discipline.

DDM 2 4 This module offers students the fundamental knowledge and skills in interactive media. Since the digital media has become the most important communication platform, students will be equipped with the technical skills of coding and the aesthetic skills in designing screen-based interface.

General preparation, project setting up, images optimizing, interface concept and working with software, all these related areas will be covered so students have applied skills needed.

DDM 2 4 Based on the history of Southeast Asian art and design, the module will cover how culture influences media and how, in return, media has changed culture over time.

igcse english language directed writing and composition

This understanding would be supported through the use of secondary and primary research, and methods that include textual analysis, observation and interviews. DDM Moving illustration for Social Change 1 12 This module creates opportunity for you to examine the role of your practice and rethink how it can have an impact on people, situation and relationships in the making of meaning, stimulating learning and change.

Students will develop critical reflection and evaluation of their own practice, working with narrative, text, images, movement and sound, putting your visual language in the most suitable context through workshops, projects and collaborative projects.

DDM 1 4 Students are exposed to the alternative method of producing digital communication tools. This module is encouraging exploration of enhancing user experience in new media platform.

Besides technical skills development, other related applied knowledge and investigation like foresight and insight, user-centered design, non-linear interpretation, and interaction design will be covered in this module.

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DDM 1 4 This is a consideration of current social issues and communication patterns that affect design and idea development. Adding on to previous knowledge of secondary and primary research, textual analysis, observation and interviews, the module will further introduce other research methods such as focus group discussions and surveys to help increase understanding of social issues and better communication of it in design practices.

DTD 1 2 This module allows students to complete a 2-toweek attachment with one of our overseas university partners.Ethos Wycombe Abbey enables girls to open their minds and to develop their personal passions.

The learning environment is supportive, yet challenging, with a sense that pupils and their teachers are on an educational journey together. The study of Art develops creativity and confidence and gives girls a new language of expression. The expertise of our staff and technicians spans the artistic spectrum and includes in-depth knowledge of printing, textiles, digital imagery, painting and glass work.

Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback. Cambridge International AS Level English Language and Literature prepares students for the following Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level international syllabuses: 1.

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