How to write a news flash definition

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How to write a news flash definition

Once the obscure little sister of the conventional 2, word story, flash fiction has shrugged off that obscurity to accept its new position: Dozens of literary publications, both print and online, have shifted their focus to include or focus exclusively upon flash fiction.

So what is it? A Flash in the Pan?

how to write a news flash definition

In brief, flash fiction is a short form of storytelling. Defining it by the number of words or sentences or even pages required to tell a story, however, is impossible, for it differs from writer to writer, editor to editor. Some purists insist that it is a complete story told in less than 75 words; others claim should be the maximum.

For less-rigid flashers, anything under 1, words can be considered flash-worthy. And there are even a few who stretch their limits to 1, words. Not only is the definition of flash fiction unstable, but the name is as well. Pamelyn Casto recounts its various titles in her article Flashes on the Meridian: Dazzled by Flash Fiction: Other names for it include short-short stories, sudden, postcard, minute, furious, fast, quick, skinny, and micro fiction.

In France such works are called nouvelles. In China this type of writing has several interesting names: That which we call flash fiction, by any other name would read as bright. How can one write it? Flashes of Inspiration Though the form is by definition extremely short, it is not a medium that tolerates fragemented storytelling.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that such bare-bones writing is less than elegant or beautiful. Sometimes beauty, or even inspiration, can be found in the simplest of things. What makes a complete story? Lila Guzman, author of "Ask the Author", once told me that a complete story is "A beginning, a middle and end.

When it comes to cramming such things into less space than the back of a playing card, it can be very difficult indeed.

The easiest way to write flash fiction, in my experience, is to let it all hang out. Throw yourself into your writing and crank out a beautiful story, regardless of the length. Then, take a good, long look at it. Grab a red marker and slash out every adjective and adverb you can find.

Your word count will diminish greatly. Run back through the story and read it aloud. Does it still make sense?Learn the basics of writing a news story, from composing a lede, to incorporating the 5Ws and the H into the story. Learn to Write News Stories Search the site GO. News flash definition, flash(def 6).

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Explore Weather Words You Need to Know; Can You Translate These Famous Phrases From Emoji? Oct 28,  · Flash Fiction is the modern term applied to a very short story; usually one under words in length. There is no generally accepted definition and some argue the term only applies to stories of less than words and others say that any story Reviews: This definition explains the meaning of nonvolatile flash memory, also known as flash storage, and how it retains data when devices are turned off.

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