Essay on eric birling

In other words, he lacks confidence. At points he tries to stand up to his father but is talked down. It becomes clear that he is drunk at the dinner table and later it is revealed that he has been drinking too much for quite some time.

Essay on eric birling

Hire Writer This is showing us that Mrs.

Essay on eric birling

Birling thinks a lot of her son and thinks he cannot do anything wrong: Birling has now learnt something new about her son and she is now incredibly shocked. In this act we also learn that The Girl was offered money by the man that got her pregnant and that the money was stolen.

Birling is full of shock. If at this moment the audience have figured out the father is Eric then they are probably wandering where he got the money and Essay on eric birling he got it the audience too could be very shocked by learning this, because Mr and Mrs Birling gives the audience the expression that the have bought their kids up in a very strict environment.

Nearer to the end of Act 2 there is more tension for the audience because now they are probably guessing that Eric is the father. They are thinking this because Mrs Birling is blaming the whole thing on the young man: Birling gives him suggestions: She says this line with sudden alarm which is showing us that she has just worked out what the inspector has told Sheila to do.

When Eric comes back the front door slams and he walks in looking extremely pale and distressed this could suggest to the audience that he has been out drinking and also that he could be hiding something from everyone. A lot of tension builds up when Eric comes through the door because everyone is staring at him, they are all probably staring at him with the look of shock and surprise on their faces.

The Audience will also have all their attention on Eric and forget about the other characters that are on stage to: At this moment there will probably a really bright spotlight on Eric to grab his attention and to make the beginning of the scene really dramatic.

To add to the tension Eric is the first person to speak: Birling that Eric is the father. Eric asks for a drink and his father says no but the inspector says yes.

The inspector wants him to do this because he probably thinks that the truth will come out better if Eric has something to drink first. Birling tell us from her story.

At this point of the play there is more tension on stage than there is off stage, everyone is at their breaking points especially Eric. Eric learns things from the family-the audience already know all this like: Birling knows about his drinking problem, that he stole the money he was going to give Eva Smith, He is the father of the baby.

Essay on eric birling

This is making the scene dramatic because we want to know how everyone will react and how he will tell everyone.Eric Birling What do you think is the importance of Eric and how does Priestley present him?

How does he change throughout the play? At the start of the play we see Eric as a naïve alcoholic who seems to want to follow his .

Eric is quite an awkward and embarrassed character at the beginning who has no signifance in the family engagement party, but by the end he makes the biggest change .

We will write a custom essay sample on Discuss The Role Of Eric Birling Essay specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now On page nine in the play Eric creates quite an air of intrigue when he, Birling and Gerald are having a conversation about women.

Discuss The Role Of Eric Birling Essay Eric, I think, plays an extremely important role in the play: An Inspector Calls, probably because of his difference in personality from the other protagonists.

Eric is a young man who likes getting his own way and being the centre of attention. Eric Birling I think that J B Priestly put Eric Birling in the play ‘An Inspector Calls’ because he is an interesting character, and is not quite like the rest of his family. Eric is a young man living at home with his parents (Arthur and Sybil Birling) and his sister (Sheila Birling).

A grade 9 essay (a way past the mark scheme) which explores Eric’s development/ change in ‘An Inspector Calls’.5/5(1).

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