English essay good manners

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English essay good manners

Good Manners If a man is bundle of habits, a gentleman is bundle of manners.

English essay good manners

A man of good manners is an ornament, but a rude man is a plague to society. Good manners have English essay good manners been the hallmark of noble soul. Christ washed the feet of his disciples and Lord Krishna washed the feet of his Brahmin guests.

George Washington took his hat off to a Negro who saluted him. A friend of his reprimanded him for showing so much regard to a Negro as to take off his hat to him, but he replied that he could not allow a Negro to surpass him in good manners.

They are a better possession than wealth, beauty or talent. Civility of speech and action is the only thing required of man. Thus civility and courtesy are of greatest value to man. A merchant, who is not courteous, soon loses his customers. A public officer, who is not courteous, soon becomes unpopular.

If a lawyer wants to succeed at the bar, he must be courteous to his clients; if a professor like to be popular, he must deal with his students in a courteous manner. A man, who does not possess good manners, cannot become well bred man.

It is very clearly expressed by Dr. On the other hand a treacherous person may pass for a gentleman and win the love and affection of his behavior and is of amicable and sweet disposition.

Such is the magical influence of good manners. They are very essential for human civilization. Without good manners, man is like a purse without money though it is very attractive from outside. They are the outcome of good breeding. A person who has been brought up in a good environment must have good manners.

Good manners lend colour and grace to life. Good manners are even more important than the laws of the state. If a child were not taught how to behave respectfully, he would grow up rough and rude like a savage.

The only difference between a cultured and uncultured man is that the former is educated and knows good manners, while the latter is illiterate and behaves like a rude man in society.

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The standards and ideals of good manners differ in different countries, for different nations have different customs. In India it is considered rube if the guests leave their host until he has given them permission to do so, but in England it is considered rude if a host asks his gussets to go after the entertainment.

What are good manners? Good manners are the ornament of a gentleman; and a real gentleman will never try to hurt feelings of others. He will ever try to make everyone feel at his ease.

He will care for the convenience, comfort, and happiness of others more than for this own. He will show proper respect for those who are below him, who are his equals, and who are superior to him.

He will never try to be disrespectful to anyone. One should be sympathetic towards the weak and old. Whenever we see an old person in need of a seat while travelling in a train or a bus, we should at once accommodate him. Everyone must fall a prey to old age.

Therefore an old person must be given a room in the progressive society. We should speak gently. Even if anyone is harsh to us, we should not use harsh words at all costs. We should give up evil thoughts for all time to come.essay on good manners for class 2, good manners speech, short paragraph on good manners, essay on good manners for class 4, about good manners, 10 lines on good manners, good manners essay for children’s, importance of good manners in student life, short speech on good manners good habits paragraph manners for kids good habits .

Good Manners Essay - Manners make a man. Man is nothing without good manners. The make a man gentleman. Gentleness and good manners go together.

The make man polite, civilized and well behaved. Without good manners, much of the charm of life . Manners show the likes, dislikes, tastes, feelings, and temper of a man. Good manners are the mark of the decency of a person.

Good Manners Essay & Paragraph in English for Kids

To live in a Society, we must have the qualities that all the people in the society like. Long Essay on Good Manners. Two types of essays are given in this category with word counts of and Essays are given in simple and easy to understand language that can be useful for all age group students having different purpose.

Short Good Manners Essay in English for Student. Manners make a man. They should be observed in every walk of life. At home we should respect our elders and love our younger’s.

We should co – operate with each other in doing household work.

English essay good manners

Write a Short Essay on Good Manners. Article shared by. Good manners make a full man. They are very essential for human civilization. Without good manners, man is like a purse without money, though it is very attractive from outside.

They are the outcome of good breeding. A person who has been brought up in a good envi­ronment must have good.

Good Manners English Essays