Billy elliot character analysis

The mise en scene immediately helps to represent the time era, and the 's theme effortlessly carries on throughout the rest of the film. The record player is held in a close up shot for a lengthy period of time 30 seconds in comparison to the following editing pace, suggesting that it holds some significance to the main character.

Billy elliot character analysis

Describe the role that the miners strike played in the film. What was at stake for the miners? At stake for the miners were not only economic issues such as wages, benefits and job security, but also their very way of life.

Many of their towns were economically dependent on the coal industry and the government wanted to shut the mines down. In the miners strike, why did the British Government oppose the miners so strongly? The British coal industry at the time was very poorly organized and inefficient. Many, if not most, coal mines were losing proposition.

The government owned the mines and had to subsidize them. There were other, less polluting and cheaper sources of fuel developing in the North Sea oil and gas.

The cost of subsidizing the coal industry was a drag on the entire British economy. Why was it ironic that Mrs. Wilkinson's husband, who had himself been made "redundant," took the position that the miners should abandon their strike?

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If the coal miners lost the strike, they too would be made redundant when the unprofitable mines were closed. When Billy was asked, "What does it feel like when you dance? It starts stiff and that but once I get going, then I like forget everything and I sort of disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body -- like there's fire in my body.

I'm just there -- flyin' like a bird -- like electricity, -- yeah, like electricity. What are the similarities between dancers and athletes who play football, baseball, basketball or tennis? What are the differences?

Billy elliot character analysis

Each of them are athletes whose performance demands strength, endurance, and endless hours of practice. The differences are that for dancers the result is art, and for other athletes the result is doing well in competitions.

If you wanted to be a ballet dancer, how do you think your schoolmates would react?

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Would that reaction be justified? Would you have the courage to tell your friends at school that you were dancing? What would have happened to Billy and what kind of life would he have led, if it had not been for his teacher, Mrs. Billy might not have found what he loved to do.

Wilkinson's motivation in teaching ballet class? She loved the ballet and wanted to see children enjoy it as well.

Billy elliot character analysis

Wilkinson especially interested in teaching ballet to Billy? Every teacher dreams of being the agent for allowing a child to find him or herself.Billy elliot analysis 1. Billy Elliot Analysis Research and Planning: British Social Realism Films 2.

Billy Elliot: Movie Analysis 1) Family: For the most part, Billy’s family was completely unsupportive of his life choice. Set in the fictional town of Everington during the UK miners’ strike (–), both Billy’s father and old brother are preoccupied with the strike and causing “justified” mayhem.

Billy Elliot Opening Scene In the first scene, the audience are introduced to an old fashioned record player.

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The mise en scene immediately helps to represent the time era, and the 's theme effortlessly carries on throughout the rest of the film. Based on a screenplay directly written for the screen by Lee Hall, BILLY ELLIOT is a British production directed by Stephen Daldry in The picture earned three nominations (actress, director and screeplay) for the Academy awards.

character analysis "Billy Elliot" Billy Elliot is the main character The story doesn´t tell much about the physical characteristics of him, but we know that he is 12 years old, athletic and light. Billy likes jiggling around with Nan (his grandma), he loves music and .

BILLY ELLIOT 1 BACKGROUND OF THE PROGRAMME»FILM Guessing Game Character Analysis Everybody chooses a character from the movie and thinks of a suitable pose for this person.

In turn, the poses are presented, and the other students guess who the character is. The pose can.

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