Behavioral assessment questions

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Behavioral assessment questions

Activity Vector Analysis AVA is an easy-to-use, highly effective behavioral assessment system that renders profiles of individuals, identifying their natural tendencies and predicting their workplace behaviors.

AVA also measures the behavioral demands of specific positions, a critical and too-often overlooked factor in matching the right people with the right jobs to optimize individual productivity and organizational success.

Measuring job-related behavior Activity Vector Analysis AVA is a work-related system of behavioral assessment tools widely recognized for its accuracy, validity, simplicity, and utility.

When you understand why people do what they do, you can place them in the right jobs and motivate them optimally to achieve results. The key tools used in the AVA system are: A certified analyst can use profiles generated from the AVA Individual Analysis to make recommendations about job placement, coaching and development, team building, motivation and stress factors, and much more.

Identifying these unique behavioral demands, and people who are compatible with them, provides the right fit for the job and improves both management and execution of work.

Failure to do so often results in unmet goals, dissatisfaction, and expensive turnover. The Job Activity Rating JAR identifies the unique behavioral demands of a position while also providing a complete position description in behavioral terms.

The JAR Report identifies the behaviors required to do a specific job successfully, suggests relevant behavioral interview questions to ask job candidates, and provides managers with a meaningful framework for motivating people and teams.

WebAVA For optimal speed and convenience, clients utilize WebAVA, the proprietary web-based application to administer the assessments and generate reports. The application is designed for flexibility, timeliness, and cost effectiveness in support of your use of AVA.

AVA assessments generate detailed, management-oriented profiles and reports on behavioral tendencies, management competencies, job compatibility, management tips, and other subjects.

These reports give clear indications of the ease or difficulty with which an individual or group performs specific job-related activities and also provides managers with unique and effective insights for developing their people. Would you like to see some sample reports?

It assesses how an individual will function at work by providing a behavioral profile of both individuals and the job requirements they are to perform. This distinct picture of how someone will behave in your unique environment makes it the best predictor of job performance over time.

As hiring managers know, authenticity is one of the most important factors contributing to high performing individuals and work environments. People can only fake it for so long before a bad fit between them and their job impacts performance. AVA has a direct function in discerning how true to themselves and, therefore, how productive individuals will be in specific jobs and tasks.

AVA is often used in conjunction with the Job Activity Rating JARwhich provides a behavioral profile of the job to determine the likelihood that this individual is matched correctly according to the most essential performance criteria—behavior.

By identifying the behavioral characteristics of your teams, AVA pinpoints the right candidates for achieving specific goals or assigning project tasks. And when conflicts arise, AVA helps you understand the underlying interpersonal dynamics in the team that are creating challenges, allowing you to manage the conflict so that team members can keep working toward set goals.

Employee Development AVA provides managers with a roadmap to guide an employee to success within their organization.


AVA helps managers identify career paths that are compatible with individual behavioral styles and design training programs to support growth. It enables employees to understand why people see them the way they do and, with coaching, adjust their behaviors if necessary.

These are critical steps toward retaining valuable employees that organizations have invested in and who are essential to maintaining a quality organization. Taken together, all of these uses make AVA unique in supporting high-functioning work environments where jobs are performed at their highest level.

The AVA Difference Behavior moves the bottom line Understanding how people will behave within the structure of a specific job and within teams is what distinguishes high-performing organizations from average or poor performers.

Providing that understanding is what distinguishes AVA. They see AVA as high-value, backed by a responsive, accessible, service-oriented team of professionals. Unlike many assessment tools that rely on a third-party interpreter, AVA is shared through certification programs that produce skilled and sensitive analysts of AVA profiles.

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Certified Analysts are able to extend their use of AVA beyond hiring and placement to a range of management practices such as employee satisfaction assessment, observed behavior in performance appraisals, and a whole host of other applications.

You decide what the right level of participation, personalized attention, and support is optimal for your needs. When you hire the right person for the job, you immediately increase productivity and avoid costly turnover. AVA originates from the research of prominent psychologists and has been continually updated, providing exceptional validity and reliability.

Clarke, an accomplished organizational psychologist, while he was working in the Human Resources department of a major retailer in New York City. As the story goes, Clarke observed that even when hiring employees with similar educational backgrounds and work experience, some were successful while others failed.

The reason was almost always due to behavior. He decided to create a psychometric model to measure the workplace behaviors of individuals and also the behavioral requirements of positions.

The premise behind his work was simple—if employees were able to be themselves, they would be more successful on the job and both the employee and the company would benefit. The mechanics of the model Clarke built and the extensive research and development to ensure its validity were comprehensive then and are still rigorous today.

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Ownership has changed hands only twice since then.Behavioral assessment is used to observe, describe, explain and predict behavior.

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Behavioral assessment questions

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