An analysis of the southerners having an in depth feeling of pride

Analysis[ edit ] He is a proud and arrogant man, particularly to those that he considers of less social status. He thinks he is better than the lower classes in both rank and connections and so he does not wish to interact with them; we see evidence of this in Meryton - at all of the parties, he seems to distance himself from the rest of the crowd because he does not think them as worthy acquaintances. At the dance, he does not wish to dance with any girl because they were all beneath him in class and beauty.

An analysis of the southerners having an in depth feeling of pride


Do-er Main Character Approach Othello is a man of action: When Brabantio accuses Othello of using witchcraft to seduce Desdemona, Othello suggests that she be summoned to give evidence of their courtship. When Iago accuses Desdemona of adultery, Othello asks for proof.

Optionlock Story Limit Othello struggles with the idea that Desdemona is unfaithful: Facing her insanely jealous husband, Desdemona pleads innocence, when that fails, she begs for her life, then for one more day, then just to live until the morning. Othello rejects her requests and smothers her to death.

An example of how the optionlock is illustrated by a minor objective character is found in Roderigo. As a result of this failure: When Brabantio accuses him of witchcraft in front of the Venetian senate, the members disbelieve the charges because of his stellar reputation.

He faces them with calm and confidence. But Othello is corrupted and quickly becomes an irrational, despondent madman, an abusive husband, a murderer, and after realizing his colossal mistake, he kills himself.

Overall Story Throughline Mind Overall Story Throughline Brabantio thinks of Othello as the Moorish soldier—a well-behaved barbarian—and will never accept him as a son-in-law. Desdemona loves Othello and will continue to love him no matter how he treats her.

Othello thinks the guilty must always be swiftly punished. Subconscious Overall Story Concern The objective characters have a fundamental need to be loved and admired. Desdemona, seeking love and adventure, falls for the experienced general.

Brabantio accepts Othello as an occasional house guest, but not as a son-in-law. Closure Overall Story Counterpoint Brabantio, heartbroken when Desdemona places her husband above him disowns her, ending their relationship.

Overall Story Thematic Conflict Denial vs. He destroys everyone around him, including himself. She keeps trying to appease him and makes mistakes that worsen the situation.

Temptation Overall Story Problem The objective characters bring enormous problems upon themselves by indulging in immediate gratification without thinking about the possible consequences.

Conscience Overall Story Solution If the characters listened to their conscience, the tragic ending could have been avoided.

Does pride raise the risk of falling?

His lapse of conscience allows him to be used to hurt the people he loves. Closure Overall Story Catalyst The use of closure accelerates the story. The Turkish fleet encounters a storm off of the coast of Cyprus and turns back, ending the threat of war. This makes Othello available to concentrate on his marriage, and frees Iago to execute his diabolical plot against Othello and Cassio.

He convinces Roderigo to kill Cassio; kills Roderigo when he only wounds Cassio; tries to make Emilia shut up about the handkerchief, then kills her when she reveals the truth. Preconception Overall Story Inhibitor Brabantio is prejudiced against Othello as a son-in-law, feels Desdemona is making a mistake, and disowns her.

Iago will never accept that Cassio will make a better lieutenant than he would. Lodovico witnesses Othello slap his wife, remembers Othello as a kind and composed man, and begins to believe the popular theory that all Moors are barbarians.

An analysis of the southerners having an in depth feeling of pride

Her recollections cause Iago to kill her for revealing the truth. Othello, a heroic Moorish general in the service of Venice, appoints Cassio and not Iago as his chief lieutenant.

Overcome with jealousy, Othello kills Desdemona. Iago has vowed revenge on Othello for the oversight. Having been a soldier all his life, he has a military mind and is not prepared for life as a husband and gentleman.

Obtaining Main Character Concern Othello wants Desdemona, and by winning her he hopes to gain the acceptance of Venetian society at large.Knowing how to summarize something you have read, seen, or heard is a valuable skill, one you have probably used in many writing assignments.

It is important, though, to recognize when you must go beyond describing, explaining, and restating texts and offer a more complex analysis.

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